I’ve been involved in food all my life!
For my first 18 years, it was mainly for my own satisfaction. Throughout that time, the core principles to which I work have not changed: only choose the freshest produce and ingredients from local suppliers to ensure our customers can enjoy the highest quality food.

For the next 10 years, it was the absolute joy of creating AND eating great food with family and friends. And since 1990, it’s been the much wider joy of corporate and event catering.

We have enjoyed continued growth and have evolved into a focussed and mature business, underpinned by our strong family values. Today, these values are stronger than ever and are at the very heart of who we are. Which is why we are called Taylor & Holmes.


“We own the largest Rally event in the world with near 1000 participants. It is only thanks to Taylor & Holmes that we now have faith that over 3,000 meals can be served without issue to our participants on event. We endured years of challenging situations with other companies in the past and since moving to Taylor & Holmes about 3 years ago, all our catering problems ceased and customer satisfaction went through the roof.”

We have had the greatest pleasure working with Taylor & Holmes for almost a decade now. Each interaction with their team is brimming with positivity and sincere commitment to deliver to our needs – with a consistently high quality. Our company prioritises wellness, fairness, innovation, high quality and value for money in all that we do, and Taylor & Holmes tick all these boxes. The experience our guests have during events from the catering and service makes a huge impact on our business. Their chefs create incredible menus to match the dietary needs, theme and budget of our clients. The longevity of our relationship is bulit largely upon their ability to evolve and continue to provide outstanding products and unfaltering superior standards. During the last few years they have worked tirelessly designing new solutions to help us continue entertaining our clients and staff with adapted menus, packaging and home deliveries. We thank them for helping our business to succeed.