5 cheeses we can’t live without

If you didn’t already know, January 20 is recognised as world Cheese lovers day – and we are definitely here for the celebrations!

According to Dairy Australia, the average Australian consumes 13.5kg of cheese per year (that’s a lot of cheese) but with so many varieties of cheese within our reach it’s no surprise we are devouring so much cheesey goodness every year.

The list of reasons we love cheese is ever growing with thanks to the diversity of types and creativity when it comes to how we incorporate them within our cooking. It’s unlikely you will ever come across someone who doesn’t at least like ONE type of cheese, even veggie haters are more likely to eat their greens when paired with some delicious cheese.

With so many different cheeses making appearances within the Taylor & Holmes catering menu we sat down with our wonderful Kate Hobby to find out the cheeses she simply cannot live without!

  • Pyengana Dairy (Tasmania) cloth bound cheddar; huge flavour with little pops of salt & diving with slices of crisp pear
  • Meredith Dairy marinated goat chèvre … on toasted bruschetta, with warm from the bush sliced tomato & shaved grilled zucchini, mmmmm
  • Comte & similarly, Gruyere make the most fabulous toasted sandwiches or tarts with thyme & caramelised onion.
  • Gorgonzola … combined with cauliflower, pasta & hazelnuts & bitter leaf salad
  • Camembert de bufflonne; a beautifully creamy Italian buffalo cheese with just the right amount of bite, delicious with a crusty panini

We’re just not convinced anyone loves cheese more than our newly weds who requested a custom cheese cake (that’s cake made of cheese wheels, not cheesecake) for their special day in December.